Dr. Bahram Siddiqi, in charge of medical committee of Afghanistan Football Federation, attends Asian U16 Qualifiers Games.

September 17, 2019

Dr. Bahram Siddiqi, in charge of AFF Medical Committee, was invited by AFC to Asian U16 Qualifiers Games as medical in charge. Dr . Siddiqi successfully passed medical courses that were held by AFC, and he officially got membership of AFC medical committee. Recently, for the very first time, he was invited from Afghanistan to be medical in charge for Asian U16 Qualifiers Games. There are 47 Asian teams participating in Asian U16 Qualifiers Games that are devided in 11 groups. The games start on September 14 that will continue till September 22.

About Afghanistan Football Federation

Formed in 1933 and affiliated to FIFA since 1948, the Afghanistan Football Federation was one of the founding members of Asian Football Confederation in 1954.