Decision of the FIFA Member Associations Committee

January 2, 2018

Dear General Secretary,

We are writing to inform you that the situation of the Afghanistan Football Federation (AFF) was submitted to the FIFA Member Associations Committee (hereinafter the Committee) during its meeting on 4 December 2017.
The Committee was briefed on developments since its last meeting on 4 July 2017 regarding the organisation of timely elections. In this regard, the Committee was informed of the joint FIFA/AFC mission which was deployed to Kabul from 13-16 October 2017 to meet with all stakeholders and gather findings and recommendations to inform the next steps to be taken. To date, only a preliminary report of the assessment mission was produced.
In light of the above, and in order to be properly informed with a proposal of the next steps needed to organise timely elections, the Committee decided to wait for a more detailed report of the mission before taking any decisions.
Finally, we would kindly ask you to share this letter with all stakeholders the FIFA/AFC mission has met with and put us in copy.
We thank you for taking note of the above.

Yours faithfully,

Zvonimir Boban
Deputy Secretary General (Football)

About Afghanistan Football Federation

Formed in 1933 and affiliated to FIFA since 1948, the Afghanistan Football Federation was one of the founding members of Asian Football Confederation in 1954.