Arian Cyclete futsal team wins the title of Ghor province’s futsal premier league.

February 10, 2018

Ghor province’s football federation held futsal premier league games one month ago that finally ended with the championship of Arian Cyclete futsal team, and Ettihad and Ansari futsal teams finished second and third respectively. Mohammad Sadeq Zafari from Ettihad became the best player, Abdurrahman Yaqobi from Ettihad became man of the match scoring 38 goals, and Ramazan from Arian Cyclete became the best goalkeeper of the games. Cups, medals, and jerseys were presented by Ghor football federation to top teams and players in the closing ceremony.


About Afghanistan Football Federation

Formed in 1933 and affiliated to FIFA since 1948, the Afghanistan Football Federation was one of the founding members of Asian Football Confederation in 1954.