The AFF holds B license coaching course.

April 8, 2018

The course, which was held on April 7th under the supervision of Nader Arabi, AFC instructor, and his assistant, Taher Raufi, the AFF technical director, will continue up to April 26th. Opening ceremony of the course was commenced with recitation of some verses from the Holy Quran, following this, Mr. Mohammad Yousuf Kargar delivered speech on the significance and importance of such courses for capacity building of coaches. Mr. Kargar was happy for participation of coaches in the course, and while addressing he added that the participant coaches would be serving better after taking part in training programs, learning new and standard methods of coaching, and as a result they would be effective coaches in future football of Afghanistan. While Mr. Kargar was encouraging participants, he extended gratitude to Mr. Arabi and he said, “Mr. Arabi has traveled to Afghanistan for the fourth time to hold courses despite security issues, I call upon all the participants to learn from Mr. Arabi.” Following Mr. Kargar’s speech, Mr. Nader Arabi highlighted some points about the course to participants and he said that football of one country is not superior than another country and one continent than another continent, it merely depends on us to struggle and work hard to improve our football, he exemplified his own country’s football and futsal teams, he said, “Iranian teams succeeded to be the toper at the Asia level and compete with teams of other continents and gain ranks. It was not only Iran, but Asian teams also could make great achievements in the recent years, and Asian teams are progressing, we will soon witness great achievements and progresses from Asian teams.” It is noteworthy that the course will continue for 19 days both in theory and practice with the participation of 24 coaches from seven provinces of the country.

About Afghanistan Football Federation

Formed in 1933 and affiliated to FIFA since 1948, the Afghanistan Football Federation was one of the founding members of Asian Football Confederation in 1954.