Afghanistan national football team is an Asian football team that is situated in South Asian region according to Asian Football Confederation categorization.

The team conducts its activities under the supervision of Afghanistan Football Federation. Afghanistan Football Federation was established in 1933 and got membership of FIFA in 1948. The national team’s very first match was against Iran national football team in which Afghanistan won the game 1-0. Afghanistan sent its national team to London Olympic Games in 1958 as well that played Luxemburg. Due to the Soviet Union’s military assault and occurrence of 3 decades of civil war in the country, the national team could not play any international game until 2002 after its last game in 1984. Afghanistan national team’s first presence in international games after 28 years was in Asian Games Busan 2002 which took place in South Korea. The newly established national team did not get reasonable result in the games. In fact, a Kabul selective football team was dispatched merely for restart of its international games, which was not a national team. Afghanistan national football team’s first triumph after reestablishment was in March, 2003. In this game, Afghanistan beat Kyrgyzstan 2-1 in the frame of AFC Cup Qualification Games. In the SAFF games, Afghanistan national team beat Sri Lanka and Pakistan national teams 1-0 each, however, lost the game against India 4-0. Afghanistan lost against Syria in the South Africa World Cup Qualification Games both in the first and second legs, the first one 3-0 and the second one 1-2. It is noteworthy that Afghanistan arranged its team just few days before the games, and invited a number of afghan players from European and American countries. Few months later, Afghanistan played Laos, Bangladesh and Kyrgyzstan in the Challenge Cup. Laos gave up the games, Afghanistan and Bangladesh scored no goal each while playing one another, and Afghan team beat Kyrgyzstan 1-0. It was Afghanistan’s first time advancing from first level to second level in a tournament after many years.

In early June, 2008, afghan team played Sri Lanka, Bhutan and Bangladesh, in its first and second games against Bangladesh and Sri Lanka (host) scored 2 each. And the team could not ascend to another round losing against Bhutan 3-1, in which they needed only a win or equal score.

There are 6 players in the present national team who are living in Germany. Afghanistan national football team could for the first time become champion of South Asia in 2013. The team could beat India 2-0 in the finals, enough to win the title. Most of the experts consider this win as reborn of football in Afghanistan. Likewise, the team made it to finals of SAFF Games in 2015, however, lost the game 2-1 against India, and became runner-up of the games.

After good results in the World Cup Qualification 2018 and AFC Cup 2019, afghan national football team could for the first time in football history of the country make it to the next level of the games in which the team was group-mate with Jordon, Vietnam and Cambodia teams.

The team has never attended Football World Cup Games so far.

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About Afghanistan Football Federation

Formed in 1933 and affiliated to FIFA since 1948, the Afghanistan Football Federation was one of the founding members of Asian Football Confederation in 1954.